Rigol DSG3060-IQ 6 GHz Radiotaajuus (RF) -signaaligeneraattori

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DSG3060-IQ 6 GHz Radiotaajuus(RF) -signaaligeneraattori

Poistunut Rigolin valikoimasta. Katso korvaava tuote: DSG836A

DSG3060-IQ speksit

The Rigol DSG3060-IQ RF Signal Generator is a Rigol DSG3060 6 GHz RF Signal Generator with built-in I/Q modulation capability. The inclusion of an I/Q modulator and versatile baseband data source makes the DSG3060-IQ a competitively priced instrument. The baseband data source provides a choice of data pattern, modulation type and channel filtering, including:

  • Data patterns – PRBS, data list, pattern, all ‘1’s, all ‘0’s
  • Modulation types – QAM, ASK, PSK, FSK, MSK and user defined
  • Channel filtering – rectangular, raised cosine, root raised cosine and gaussian

The data source is configured using Rigol Ultra IQ Station PC software, which generates an I/Q waveform file that is downloaded into the DSG3060-IQ. Alternatively, I/Q waveform data can be imported into Ultra IQ Station from other sources such as LabVIEW or MATLAB.

  • 6 GHz version
  • I/Q modulation and I/Q baseband outputs
  • USB/LAN/GPIB interfaces standard. Supports LXI-C and SCPI command set
  • AM/FM/øM modulation standard. Standard pulse modulation
  • Pulse train generator option
  • Controls the RX1000 RF receiver demonstration kit – Making a versatile system for education purposes
  • 2U high (rack mount kit optional)
Max. Frequency
6 GHz
Phase Noise (typical) <-110dBc/Hz@20kHz
Amplitude Accuracy (typical) <0.5dB
Connectivity LXI-C, USB, GPIB
Modulation AM, FM, Phase, Pulse
Pulse Train Generator Optional
high stability clock Optional

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