Tekbox TBLC08 – 50uH Line Impedance Stabilisation Network LISN CISPR 16

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Tekbox TBLC08 – 50uH Line Impedance Stabilisation Network LISN CISPR 16

The 50μH LISN TBLC08 is a two-wire V-network for the measurement of unbalanced voltages on the power supply line of devices with single-phase AC power supply. The noise voltage between the two conductors (phase and neutral) and the earth reference point is measured via a switch separately. The frequency range for EMC pre-compliance testing according to CISPR 16 / EN55011 is 9 kHz to 30 MHz. The network simulation TBLC08 is doing in the supply line of the DUT (Device Under Test) looped. Conducted disturbances which are encountered in the supply of the DUT can be measured via the BNC connector in conjunction with a spectrum analyzer or test receiver. The artificial network has a switchable attenuator with limiter and 150 kHz high-pass filter. The network simulation is for max. 240 V / 8 A designed. The artificial network is constructed with air coils around to avoid measurement errors due to saturation effects. The TBLC08 is equipped with an artificial hand connection.

Use TekBox TBFL1 transient limiter / attenuator / high pass filter with this device to avoid damage to spectrum analyzer.


  • Frequency range: 9 kHz … 30 MHz
  • Simulated Impedance: 50 Ω || (50 .mu.H + 5 Ω)
  • Artificial hand: 220 pF + 511 Ω
  • Protective conductor from the DUT can be switched either direct connection to the protective conductor of the LISN or via 50 Ω || 50 .mu.H
  • Attenuator / limiter / filter (switchable): attenuation: 10 dB, Schottky diode, and high-pass filter: 150 kHz … 30 MHz
  • Mains voltage: 240 V; 50-60 Hz, CAT II
  • DUT terminal as standard AC outlet (CE7 / 3), country-specific on request
  • Max. Operating current: 8 A @ 23 ° C; Fuse: 2 x 8 A slow (L, N)
  • RF output: 50 Ω BNC socket
  • Measuring path switchable: 0 (neutral), OFF, 1 (phase)
  • Operating temperature: + 5 ° C .. + 40 ° C
  • Relative humidity: 5% .. 80%
  • Calibration CISPR 16-1-2 Schedule 8 attached
  • Class 1: EN61010-1 / IEC1010-1

Scope of supply :

V-LISN with safety socket (CE7 / 3) for DUT, coaxial BNC connector to N connectors and power cables from shock-proof plug to IEC connector according to IEC 60320 C13.

Tekbox TBLC08 Manual




Application note Conducted Noise_Measurement_with the Rigol_EMI software_S1210

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