Siglent SSU5000A-sarjan mekaaniset kytkimet


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Siglent SSU5000A-sarjan mekaaniset kytkimet

In order to meet the multi-port test requirements of microwave and millimeter wave systems, SIGLENT has introduced SSU5000A series mechanical switches with frequency range up to 50 GHz. The SSU5000A has compact design, excellent RF characteristics, low insertion loss, great impedance matching and extraordinary short switching time. It contains 1-4 independent single-pole double-throw mechanical switches with SMA or 2.4 mm connectors, or single-pole six-throw mechanical switches.

Key Features

  • Maximum frequency: 18 GHz/ 26.5 GHz/ 50 GHz
  • 1 to 4 SPDT switches or 1 to 2 SP6T switch configurations
  • SCPI Controllable via VISA and EasySSU software
  • USB Connectivity
  • Size: W×H×D=153×62.4×137.5mm
  • RF connector: SMA female or 2.4mm female
  • SPDT is a Single Pole, Dual Throw switch where 1 common terminal is switched to 1 of the 2 numbered terminals.
  • SP6T is a Single Pole, 6 Throw switch where 1 common terminal is switched to 1 of the 6 numbered terminals.


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