Tekbox TBLM1 LISN Mate – CISPR 25

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Tekbox TBLM1 LISN Mate

The TBLM1 LISN Mate is a companion device for LISNs, which splits the conducted noise signal into its common mode and differential mode components. The LISN Mate is connected to the output of a LISN inserted into the positive supply line and to a second LISN inserted into the negative supply line.

The conducted noise signal at the output of a LISN is the sum of common mode and differential mode noise. The LISN mate splits it into the common mode and differential mode components, with each signal component available at a separate BNC port.


  • Frequency range: 30 kHz – 110 MHz
  • Maximum RF level at any BNC port: 27dBm
  • Maximum DC current at any BNC port: 30 mA


Tekbox TBLM1 LISN Mate Manual





Application note Conducted Noise_Measurement_with the Rigol_EMI software_S1210


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