Tekbox DC-LISN-Combo1 Bundle

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Tekbox DC-LISN-Combo1 Bundle

Tämä yhdistelmäkimppu sisältää kaksi(2) TBOH01 ja yhden (1) TBLM1 LISN-laitetta. Mukana kaksi(2) BNC-kaapelia. HUOM! Vain DC-virralla toimivat laitteet.

2 x [TBOH01] 5uH Line Impedance Stabilization Network LISN and

The TBOH01 5µH LISN is a device required to setup conducted noise measurements of DC-powered devices. It is designed to be used for EMC pre-testing in the frequency range of 150kHz to 110 MHz.

The LISN is inserted into the supply line of the DUT (Device Under Test). Conducted noise which is present at the supply terminals of the DUT can be measured at the BNC connector using a spectrum analyzer or a measurement receiver. The source (supply) terminal and the DUT terminal are decoupled by a 5µH inductor.


1x [TBLM1] LISN Mate, 2 pieces BNC-male to BNC male cables, 35cm, RG223

LISN MATE for Common/Differential Mode Conducted Noise Measurements

The TBLM1 is a companion device for LISNs which splits the conducted noise signal into its common mode and differential mode components. The LISN MATE is connected to the output of an LISN inserted into the positive supply line and to a second LISN inserted into the negative supply line.  The conducted noise signal at the output of an LSIN is the sum of common mode and differential mode noise.  The LISN MATE splits the signal into common and differential portions, with each being available at a separate BNC port.  Frequency range for the device is 30kHz to 110MHz, with a maximum input at any BNC port of 27dBm and under 30mA.

With 2 pieces LISN plus a LISN MATE, conducted noise can be separated into its common mode and differential mode components. Using this information, EMC-filters can be designed much more quickly and efficiently.

The LISN Mate is supplied with two 14” BNC-BNC cables.


  • Frequency range: 30 kHz – 110 MHz
  • Maximum RF level at any BNC port: 27dBm
  • Maximum DC current at any BNC port: 30 mA


Tekbox TBLM1 LISN Mate Manual

Tekbox TBOH01 Manual





Application note Conducted Noise_Measurement_with the Rigol_EMI software_S1210


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