Aaronia Spectran V5 UWB Recorder Ultra-Wideband analyzer


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Aaronia Spectran V5 UWB Recorder Ultra-Wideband analyzer

Aaronia now offers the world’s first series of Ultra-Wideband Recorders. As highly flexible recorder and analyzer, the Aaronia UWB-R 10Rx can monitor and record signals of different center frequencies and narrowband (up to 175MHz per receiver) and wideband (up to 1,75GHz RTBW per rack, cascadable up to 20GHz RTBW) signals.

The UWB-R is a unique system that offers flexibility for real-time spectrum analysis and surveillance. With the UWB-R 10Rx up to 10 different frequency bands (with 175MHz RTBW each) can be monitored simultaneously in real-time, per rack. When used as a cascadable system, this means that up to 120 different bands can be kept under surveillance, covering the whole frequency range from 9kHz to 20GHz in real-time. A real-world example for such a setup would be monitoring the GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS, GPS, 3G, 4G, WLAN 2,4GHz and 5,8GHz at the same time, checking for any irregularities or interference in real-time.

Included with the system is the RTSA Suite PRO Software, a feature rich software for real-time spectrum analysis with many useful functions. The software is under constant development and improvement. It offers full integration with the UWB-R system. Some of the main features are the gap-less and unlimited recording and replaying of signals, the remote-control ability, the real-time signal demodulation, the intelligent 3D triggers and the multitude of ways to display and analyze signals. The software is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux and has low system-requirements.

Datasheet: Aaronia Spectran V5 UWB Recorder

UWB-R 10Rx Rackmount (9kHz – 20GHz)

• Cascadable, up to 20GHz real-time bandwidth (1,75GHz per rack)

• 19″ Rack with 2HU

• 9kHz up to 20GHz frequency range

• 24/7 continuous recording-capability

• 10 independent receivers per rack

• Unlimited recording time (needs +1GB/min. per rack)

• Monitor up to 10 different frequency channels at the same time per rack

• Several inputs or single input via combiner

• Including fully-featured software-package and license

• Customized software features on request

• Patented spectrum analysis

• Hard- and Software Made in Germany





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