Rigol DP900-sarja laboratorioteholähde



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Rigol DP900-sarja laboratorioteholähde

SKU: DP932U, DP932E tai DP932A

Ohjelmoitava, lineaarinen laboratorioteholähde. Kokonaisteho 198 W tai 210 W, kolme kanavaa, värinä < 350 μVrms.

Low Ripple Noise: <350μVrms / 2mVpp

One of the advantages of linear DC power supply is the pure output. In the 20Hz-20MHz bandwidth, the DP900 ripple and noise index is less than 350μVrms or 2 mVpp, ultra-low noise design, purer output, and minimizes any interference to the load. Provides a high-purity signal.

Fast Transient Response Time: < 50us

A high-quality power supply must be able to cope with changing loads well. The DP900 has a transient response capability of less than 50us, which meets the user’s needs for rapidly changing voltage waveforms and ensures the smooth progress of the test work.

Precise Arbitrary Wave Function: 100ms

The Arb minimum dwell time of DP900 is increased to 100ms, and a variety of basic waveforms are built in, which supports free editing and generation of waveforms, and simulates different application scenarios for testing.

One-Key Series-Parallel, Flexible Testing

Channel 1 and channel 2 of the DP900 have added a one-key series-parallel function. The machine can realize serial 64V or parallel 6A output. Say goodbye to external cumbersome wiring and software switching to help your test efficiency.

A Variety of Functions, A Wide Range of Applications

DP900 series programmable linear DC power supply also provides various functions such as general analysis, pulse current analysis, monitor, trigger, etc., and is compatible with the standard SCPI command set, which can give you higher-level analysis and control capabilities, not only simple power delivery.

Colorful Appearance, Convenient Operation

The 4.3-inch color touch screen supports two working modes: touch screen and non-touch screen, and smooth touch interaction brings a better experience for your testing.

Benefit Education, Safety Terminal

The front panel of the DP932U model of the DP900 series is equipped with safety terminals without exposed metal, which can protect the user’s test safety. Sincere price, reliable performance, and safety guarantee are the best choice for your purchase!

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Teho ja näytön resoluutio

198W ja 10 mV/10 mA, 210W ja 10 mV/1 mA, 210W ja 1mV/1 mA