Rigol DP2000-sarja laboratorioteholähde

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Rigol DP2000-sarja laboratorioteholähde

Ohjelmoitava, lineaarinen laboratorioteholähde. Kokonaisteho 222 W, kolme kanavaa. SKU: DP2031

Low Ripple Noise: <350μVrms / 2mVpp

A major advantage of the linear DC power supply is the pure output. In the 20Hz-20MHz bandwidth, the DP2000 ripple and noise index is less than 350μVrms or 2 mVpp, ultra-low noise design, purer output, and minimizes any interference to the load. Provides a high-purity signal.


Fast Transient Response Time: < 50μs

DP2000 has a transient response capability of less than 50μs, which can well cope with changing loads and escort your tests.


From mA to μA, A Thousand Times Improvement

In the small current mode of the DP2000 series, its current readback resolution is 1μA, and the accuracy is as high as 28uA when tested with a 6½-digit multimeter! Small current, high precision, very suitable for your use in low power consumption occasions. Small current and large current can be automatically switched, easily cope with current changes from microampere to ampere level.

High-Speed Sampling, Accurate Readback

The DP2000 has a current sampling rate of up to 7.5kSa/s, a wide range of current measurement bandwidth, and the readback results are almost the same as those of a 6½-digit multimeter. Small changes can also be clearly captured.

Millisecond Editing, Precise Output

The standard arbitrary waveform function of the new power supply has been improved by a thousand times, the waveform dwell time is as small as 1ms, and a variety of output templates are built-in, covering different ranges of voltage, current, dwell time, repetition times and the number of data points, you can freely edit the output sequence to achieve more precise arbitrary waveforms.

Colorful Touch, Smooth Interaction

4.3-inch color touch screen, large screen, simple and intuitive design, smooth interactive experience, it will definitely bring you the ultimate user experience.

Compliant with SCPI Standard, Easy Program Control

DP2000 has standard SCPI commands, and the program control time is less than 10ms, which can easily and quickly control the power supply. The rear panel has 3 outputs and sense interfaces to ensure that the load gets the same accurate voltage, and also has abundant communication interfaces: USB, LAN, GPIB, whether it is on the workbench or on the production line, it can play a reliable performance.




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