Sensepeek PCBite Cable accessories – PCBite probe 4010

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Sensepeek PCBite Cable accessories – PCBite probe 4010

A set of color coded cable holders in eight(8) different colors to easily identify the correct channel on your measurement tool and to keep cables away from your PCB under test. Two high quality test hooks that fits directly on the SP10 cables or used as ground hooks to the SP100 and SP200 probes. Four short cables in two different lengths to be used with either the test hook ground connection for the SP100/200 probes with maintained rated bandwidth. Or used as interconnection between SP10 and SP100/200 when SP10 is used as signal ground.


  • 8×2 Cable holders
  • 2x Test hooks
  • 2x 10cm test cables
  • 2x 5cm test cables

Compatible with (but not limited to) the following Sensepeek probes:


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