Rigol RSA3000E-AMK lisenssi

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Rigol RSA3000E-AMK lisenssi

Rigol RSA3000E-AMK lisenssi Rigol RSA3000E-spektrianalysaattorille.

Advanced Measurement Kit licence permanently enables the following advanced measurement functions on Rigol RSA3000E series real-time spectrum analysers:

  • T-Power (Time domain Power)
  • ACP (Adjacent Channel Power)
  • Chan Pwr (Channel Power)
  • OBW (Occupied Bandwidth)
  • EBW (Emission Bandwidth)
  • C/N Ratio
  • Harmo Dist (Harmonic Distortion)
  • TOI (Third-Order Intermodulation).

The advanced measurement functions are accessed via the ‘Meas’ button on the front panel. Press ‘Meas Fctn’ to access the advanced measurement functions. The screen will be divided into two windows: The upper window will display the sweep trace and the lower window will display the measurement results.





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