Siglent RB3X25 Silta

419,00 (Verollinen: 519,56)


Siglent RB3X25 Reflection/VSWR measurement Bridge Hardware

RB (1 MHz~2.5 GHz)

N (M) -N (M) adaptor (2 pcs)

Compatible with all SSA3000 models.

The Siglent RB3X25 is used in connection with SIGLENT’s SSA3000 series of spectrum analyzers to measure
S11-related parameters such as return loss, reflection coefficient and VSWR. The RB3X25 also provide 2 N(M)-N(M)
adapters to facilitate connection with SSA3000X’s ports.

HUOM! Tarvitset myös SSA3000-Refl option laitteeseen aktivoimaan tämän toiminnon.

Siglent RBSSA3X20 Reflection Bridge Instructions




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