Rigol S1220 ASK-FSK Demodulation Analysis PC Software licence

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ASK-FSK Demodulation Analysis PC Software



Rigol S1220  ASK-FSK Demodulation Analysis PC Software licence

Yhteensopiva DSA875/832/832E(/TG) -mallien kanssa.

Example of measurement solution

This section takes FSK signal as an example to demonstrate how to operate S1220 ASK-FSK Demodulation Analysis, and briefly introduces the way to output demodulation signals by using RIGOL’s RF generator.
In the demonstration, a FSK signal is generated, and its parameters are as follows:

  • Carrier frequency:433.92MHz, carrier frequency amplitude:-26 dBm
  • FSK symbol rate: 9.6 Ksym/s, peak-to-peak carrier frequency offset: 80 kHz
  • Baseband waveform code pattern: 1110000110

The procedures for validating the FSK signal by using the S1220 ASK-FSK DEmodulation Analysis software are as follows:

Step 1: Set DSG3000 and IQ Station to generate FSK signals

  1. Run Ultra IQ Station on your PC, and then connect DSG3000 RF Generator to the software (You can download the software from www.rigol.com. For the software operation, refer to the help documentation of Ultra IQ Station).
  2. Set the following parameters in the IQ Station interface: Symbol Rate: 9.6 Ksym/s Pattern: 1110000110 Modulation: 2FSK FSK Deviation: 80 kHz
  3. In the IQ Station interface, click Compile to select “Compile”. Then, you can compile the set data.
Rigol S1220
Rigol S1220 Ultra IQ Station

4. Set the parameters for DSG3000 RF Generator. Set its output signal frequency to 433.92MHz, output signal level -26 dBm. 5. In the IQ Station interface, click Compile to select “Run”. Then, load the successfully compiled waveform table to DSG3000 to output the modulation signal.

Step 2: Set DSA800 and S1220 to demodulate and analyze the FSK signals.

1. Set the spectrum analyzer to DMA mode. Press Meas → DMA to enter the DMA mode.

2. Start the S1220 software, and then connect the spectrum analyzer to the software to build communication.

3. Click Meas → Demodulation Configuration. Then, the “Configuration” interface is displayed. In the displayed interface, configure the parameters, as shown in the following figure.

Rigol S1220
S1220 ASK-FSK Demodulation Analysis DMA Configuration

4. Click Meas  Ref Symbol to set the reference symbol. If “Highlight On” is selected, the symbols that are consistent with the reference symbol will be indicated in orange in the symbol display area; if “Highlight Off” is selected, no highlight will be indicated for the symbols

5. Obtain the measurement results.

Rigol S1220
Rigol S1220 ASK-FSK Demodulation Analysis PC Software licence

6. Click the symbol display area. Then, the symbol setting is displayed at the right section of the interface. You can select “Binary” or “Hex” as the display format of the symbol. You can also select “ON” or “OFF” to determine whether to display the symbol in Manchester encoding.

Rigol S1220 ASK-FSK Demodulation Analysis PC Software






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