Rigol RSA5000-VSA Vector Signal Analysis

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Rigol RSA5000-VSA Vector Signal Analysis lisenssi

Rigol RSA5000-VSA

VSA application is a comprehensive tools for demodulation and vector signal analysis. The tool can help you to explore virtually every facet of a signal and optimize your most advanced designs. Reach deeper into signals to find the root cause of problems in time, frequency, and modulation domains. You can freely set your measurement displays to show multiple views of your signal at once,and get greater clarity with flexible arrangement and sizing. It will cooperate with you throughout all your design cycle !

  • Spectrum analysis based on Ultra Real
  • I/Q waveform RF envelope analysis
  • Flexible digital modulation analysis
  • FMT trigger based on Ultra Real for acquisition and modulation analysis
  • Measurement and analysis of wireless communication and wireless connection standards
  • BER test for known signal sequences

Modulation formats

  • FSK2,FSK4,FSK8
  • MSK
  • QAM16, QAM32, QAM64
  • ASK2, ASK4

Traces and modulation analysis quality results display

  • Signal amplitude in time domain
  • Spectrum
  • Eye diagram
  • Constellation and vector diagram
  • Error vector magnitude
  • Quadrature error
  • Amplitude error
  • Phase error

Cellular and wireless networking

  • Cellular: GSM, NADC , W-CDMA, PDC, PHP(PHS)
  • Wireless Networking: Bluetooth, WLAN(802.11b), ZigBee
  • Others: TETRA, DECT, APCO 25

Typical Application

  • Radio transmitter modulation quality analysis
  • Analysis of Nonstandard digital modulation signals

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