Rigol RF Attenuator Kit 6dB and 10dB

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Rigol RF Attenuator Kit 6dB and 10dB

Rigol RF Attenuator Kit Includes 6dB Attenuator (1pcs), 10dB Attenuator (2pcs)

Product Overview

The coaxial fixed attenuator is applicable to the situations that require power level reduction and circuit matching. It can absorb the energy of the transmission wires quantitatively, extend the power range, control the power level and make precise measurements of the power and frequency spectrum of various RF microwave transmitters by working with small power meter, integral test instrument or spectrum analyzer.

The average power of this seires coaxial fixed attenuator is 2 W. This product features wide working frequency, low standing wave coefficient, high attenuation precision as well as strong anti-pulse and anti-burnout abilities.

Model          Qty.            Frequency Range        Attenuation Value    Insertion Loss   VSWR
ATT12061L    1               DC to 12.4 GHz                                    6 dB               ±0.7 dB      1.35

ATT12101L     2              DC to 12.4 GHz                                  10 dB               ±0.7 dB      1.35