Rigol Ultra Station-adv Arbitrary Wave Generation Software

99,00 (Verollinen: 122,76)


Rigol Ultra Station-adv Arbitrary Wave Generation Software

Ultra Station is the latest generation PC based waveform editing software from RIGOL.

Ultra Station provides the customers with intuitive and powerful waveform editing tools, such as Standard Waveform Library, Math Editing tools, Waveform Formula tools and Waveform Drawing tools, which make the arbitrary waveforms editing easier. Ultra Station ‘s advanced version features filter and windowing functions, enable users to further customize the waveforms upon different applications.

Ultra Station supports industry standard “VISA” driver, connects the DG5000 series and DG 4000 series via USB or LAN。

Ultra Station-adv full advanced version for DG1000Z, DG4000, DG5000 Series generators as well as DS1000Z and DS2000A “-S” embedded generators. This is a software upgrade license.





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