[:en]Rigol MSO8000-AWG 25MHz Waveform Generator Option[:fi]Rigol MSO8000-AWG 25MHz Signaaligeneraattori optio[:]

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Rigol MSO8000-AWG 25MHz Waveform Generator Option

Rigol MSO8000-AWG

for MSO8204 oscilloscope

Optional Waveform Generator Module for the Rigol MSO8000 series devices. Arbitrary Waveform Generator with 2 channel and 25 MHz bandwith (sine) and a sampling rate of 200 MSa/s.

Simple activation via software code. Please specify the serial number of your oscilloscope, if you have this already and want to order the option.

More information: Rigol website[:fi]

Rigol MSO8000-AWG 25MHz Signaaligeneraattori optio

Rigol MSO8000-AWG Kaksikanavainen 25MHz signaaligeneraattori optio MSO8000 sarjan oskilloskoopille.

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