Rigol MC3534 Multifunction module for M300

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Rigol MC3534 Multifunction module for M300

Rigol MC3534 Multifunction module for use with M300 DAQ System Mainframe. It includes 4 DACs, 4 Totalizers, and 32 DIO bits. The M3TB34 is the mating terminal block for this module.

The Rigol MC3534 multifunction module provides 3 kinds of functions with 4 channels for each function. This module can be used to check status or to control external devices (such as solenoids, power relays and microwave switches). The digital inputs and the totalizer count can be read during a scan.

  • DIO: 4-off 8-bit digital input/output ports
  • TOT: 4-off totalizer input terminals (the first two channels are 10MHz TOT and the other two channels are 100kHz TOT) with 1Vpp sensitivity
  • DAC: 4-off analogue output terminals that can output calibrated voltages up to ±12V