Rigol MC3132 Multiplexer Module

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Rigol MC3132 32 Channel Multiplexer Module

Rigol MC3132 32 channel multiplexer module for use with M300 DAQ System Mainframe and MC3065 DMM module. The M3TB32 is the mating terminal block for this module.

The Module is a 32-channel multiplexer, which is divided into two banks of 16 two-wire channels (HI and LO) each and can be used for 2-wire and 4-wire connections. When making 4-wire resistance measurement, the instrument automatically pairs channel n with channel n+16. It is used with the external terminal block (M3TB32) which has a built-in thermocouple reference junction.
fitting terminal box: M3TB32

Rigol MC3164
Rigol MC3132 Control Interface for M300





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