Rigol MC3120 MUX module for M300

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Rigol MC3120 MUX module for M300

MC3120 20-way Multiplexer Module for Rigol M300 data acquisition / switch systems.

20 channel differential Multiplexer module for use with M300 DAQ System Mainframe and MC3065 DMM module. Configurable for 2 or 4 wire measurements. The M3TB20 is the mating terminal block for this module.

Multiplexer Module is a 20-channel multiplexer which is divided into two banks of 10 two-wire channels (HI and LO) each and can be used for 2-wire and 4-wire connections. When making 4-wire resistance measurement, the instrument automatically pairs channel n with channel n+10. Multiplexer Module is used with the external terminal block M3TB20 which has a built-in thermocouple reference junction.

Rigol MC3120 Control Interface
Rigol MC3120 Control Interface for M300




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